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    Unit 5    Section A   Weeping for My Smoking Daughter

I. Objectives
1) reading: Understanding Figurative Language 
2) writing: A paragraph of cause and effect
3) listening: understand the passages telling about effects of smoking

4) speaking: talk about your attitude toward smoking?

2.Vocabulary development:

1) words: grateful, harden, couple, hook, away, starve, make, batter, zone, helplessly

2)expressions: close at hand,  harden oneself against doing sth,  win over,  be hooked by, with sth stuck in,  leave sb low,  family reunion, direct at/against,  drag away,  sit by


1)独立主格子结构:逻辑主语(n. & pron.+介词词组 (现在分词/过去分词)

  2介词/介词短语+ which…
  3) It is/was not unusual for…to…  ……而言,……并不是不寻常的


II. Understanding and learning

1. Pre-reading activities (15 minutes)

1. 1 Background information

1. Camel cigarettes 骆驼烟



Camel is a popular cigarettes brand which was introduced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco (RJR) in 1913. Camel cigarettes contain a blend of Turkish and American tobacco, which made them easier to smoke.

骆驼烟R.J. 雷诺斯烟草公司于1913年开始生产的一种流行的香烟品牌。骆驼烟中混合了土耳其和美国的烟草,从而使其抽起来口感更好。


2. Both Marlboro and Players are brand names of cigarettes manufactured by Philips Morris. (http://www.philipmorrisusa.com)



Ad for Players Cigarettes                    Ad for Marlboro Cigarettes


3. Queen Victoria ( 1819-1901) 维多利亚女王

Victoria was born in 1819. Her reign lasted almost 64 years. Queen Victoria remains a remarkable figure in history not only for having been the longest reigning British monarch, but also as the inspiration for a highly complex culture.



Queen Victoria            Prince Albert


4. Prince Albert (1819 - 1861) 艾伯特亲王

Albert's role as advisor to Queen Victoria his wife came into full force after the death of Lord Melbourne, Whig Prime Minister. But Albert never really enjoyed great popularity during Victoria's reign, and it wasn't until 1857, when he was 38 years old, that he was recognized by the nation and awarded the title Prince Consort. He died of typhoid in 1861.



5. City of Eatonton伊顿顿市

Eatonton is a town in the state of Georgia ,USA. The city was named for diplomat and general, William Eaton of Connecticut. During the civil war, the city served as a haven for wounded soldiers.




City of Eatonton                                City of Eatonton


6. Georgia乔治亚州

Georgia is one of America’s oldest and most interesting states. The area was originally occupied by the native Creek and Cherokee Indians who had lived in the region for centuries.





7. Hollywood好莱坞

Hollywood is the center of the U.S. movie industry. In terms of geography, Hollywood refers to an area consisting of the City of West Hollywood and its vicinity that form part of the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.






8. A battered women’s shelter受伤害妇女收容所

A battered women’s shelter is a safe place for women and children to escape from violent relationships. An example can be found at http://www.metrobatteredwomen.org.


1.2 Topic-related video

1.3 Topic-related discussion:

1. Do you smoke? What is your attitude toward smoking?

2. If one of your family member smokes, are you willing to help him/her to stop smoking? If yes, how?


2. While-reading activities

2. 1 Global reading

2.1.1 Understanding the major details of the text

1. By the time the writer was 16, what effects did smoking cigarettes have on her father’s health?

   By that time, her father’s health was poor. Hid breathing was difficult; he had to rest very often when he was climbing stairs. It was not unusual for him to cough for an hour.

2. Why does the writer feel a deep hurt as a mother?

    She still remembers how carefully she ate when she was pregnant, and how patiently she taught her daughter how to cross a street safely. But now her daughter smokes, which amounts to killing herself by taking poison, as her grandfather did.

3. In the poor countries of the Third World, how is money spent that should go to food? And what results from that?

  Money that should be spent for food goes instead to the tobacco companies. As a result, over time, people starve themselves of both food and air, effectively weakening and hooking their children, eventually killing themselves.

2.1.2 Understanding the organization of the text

1. Main idea of the text

Feeling hurt at her daughter’s smoking and recalling how her father was killed by cigarettes, the writer gains a further insight into the harm of smoking, attacks the tobacco companies together with their advertisements and calls for people to stop smoking at families.


2. Division of the text

Part I (Paras.1)

I feel severely hurt at my daughter’s smoking.

Part II (Paras.2-5)

I recall how my father was hooked and eventually killed by cigarettes.

Part III (Paras.6-8)

I gain a better understanding of the harm of smoking in the Third World countries and call for people to stop smoking at families.


2. 2 Detailed reading

2. 2. 1  Words and Phrases

1)close/nearat /on handL.3

People often have their view of the important overshadowed by what is close at hand. (close by)



As they passed behind the church, they heard voices near at hand.


To us the impersonality of electronic communication has little or no relation to the significance of the matter at hand.Unit 1-A, Book II


2) gratefulL5

The victims of the disaster are grateful to the Party and government for their sincere care and help when they were in danger.  (a. thankful)





I knelt down to thank him for his love and compassion and tell him how grateful I was he' d come into my life.


We cannot be thankful enough to you for your timely and unselfish help.

3) harden (L.7)

Life in the mountains hardened me until I felt no fear or weakness in mind or body. (v.  变得坚强,变得冷酷无情)



He became hardened to the suffering around him.

Notice that the suffix –en can be added to some adjectives or nouns to form verbs with the meaning of come t be or cause to be.

sharpen (削尖)   heighten (提高, 升高)   weaken (削弱)   broaden  (扩大, 加宽)  lengthen  (变长)   lighten (减轻)          darken  (变暗,变得阴沉)   redden  (变红)

4) couple with (L.17)

The name of Gates is always coupled with the talent in the field of software. ( be associated with)

Good natural environment, coupled with convenient water transportation, makes the area a hot spot for investment. together with



His intelligence, coupled with her patience, overcame all difficulties.

5) hook (L.21)


get/ be hooked on / by

I am afraid Mike was hooked on that charming young lady.  (v. 沉迷, 上瘾)




Unable to control themselves, some teenagers get hooked by online games.


6) be always doing (L.33)

The boy is always asking for money. (something happens again and again in an annoying way)



My grandfather is always forgetting things.

7) away (L.40)

It is not advisable just to work away without making a timely summing-up of experience. (ad. continuously)



The young people chatted away like old friends.

8) starveL.42 

The got lost in the desert and starved to death. ( v. 饿死,挨饿)


starve of / for

The unsuccessful investment in the long-term project starved the company of funds for further development.v. 使缺乏


The motherless children were starving for affection. (V. long for)




She is starving herself to try to lose way.


People in this region are starved of drinking water.

9) make (L.46)

Their success makes a good ending to the book. v. serve or function as sth..



Iced tea makes an excellent drink in summer.

10) batter (L.52)  

In the early years of reform, some people at home alleged that China's economy would be battered by foreign capital.  (v. 接连重击)



The heavy waves battered the ship to pieces.

11) zoneL.54

They have declared their country a nuclear-free zone.  n. 地域,区域)



Supplies were parachuted into the earthquake zone.


parking /war / time/zone 停车场/战场/时区

industrial/residential/smoking zone 工业/住宅/吸烟区

torrid/ temperate/ frigid zone  //寒带


zone 指地球上划分的五个地带,也可指地理上具有某特征、目的或用途的地区

area 泛指地理意义上任何面积的“地区、地域”,但不是严格的行政区划单位,也可指从房间、建筑物或其他地方划分出来的用于某种特殊用途的区域

region area有相似之处,但所指的范围更广泛,可指中央根据各种标准将整个国家所分成的有严格界限的大行政单位(如自治区、华东地区等),也可指地理上与周围地区有明显区别的较大自然地域,为无严格界限的大致区划。

a storage area in the basement   地下室的贮藏区

desert areas of North Africa     北非洲的沙漠地区

wilderness area               自然保护区

an autonomous region          自治区

mountainous region            山区, 山陵地区

rainless region                无雨区; 干旱区

the region of Eastern China      华东地区

12helplessly (L.55)

He helplessly watched the wave sweep his cap away.



She looked about her helplessly for a means of escape.


2. 2. 2 Sentence patterns

1) 原句:While she is doing her homework, her feet on the bench in front of her and her calculator clicking out answers to her geometry problems,




句型提炼:                                 介词词组

逻辑主语(n. & pron.+          现在分词


The teacher entered the classroom, chalk in one hand, a textbook in the other.

The bell ringing, all the pupils went into the classroom.

He rushed into the room, his face covered with tears.


Very few arrive in the country with all the details worked out. ( Unit 4-A, Book II)




He lay at full length upon his stomachhis head resting upon his left forearm.


The mayor of Hiroshima strode at a leisure pace toward the puzzled journalista bunch of flowers in his hands.

2) 原句:…they’re filtered, for which I am grateful. (L.4)



句型分析:The word “which” is used here to refer back to the idea expressed by the whole previous clause.

句型提炼: …, …, 介词/介词短语+ which…

While there are things for which the foot may be too short, there are things for which the inch can be long enough. (Every person has weak points as well as strong)


The police arrived, after which the situation became calmer.



They changed their plan, due to which the visit to the factory was cancelled.

3) 原句:It was not unusual for him to cough for an hour.


句型提炼: It is/was not unusual for…to…  ……而言,……并不是不寻常的



It is not unusual for a person to change jobs in the same general field two or three times in the course of a career.



It is not unusual for an athlete to be well-known while he is active and quickly forgotten when his athletic career is over.


2. 3 Guided writing

A paragraph of cause and effect

Paragraph structure: cause         effect

Let’s take paragraph 4 of passage A as an example:

The cause: I do not remember when he started to cough. Perhaps it was unnoticeable at first, a little coughing in the morning as he lit his first cigarette upon getting out of bed.

The effects: By the time I was sixteen, my daughter’s age, his breath was a wheeze, embarrassing to hear, he could not climb stairs without resting every third or fourth step. It was not unusual for him to cough for an hour.












Useful sentence patterns or phrases:


The cause:  There are several reasons why / for

           The reason for …are …

           The cause of …is …

           The reasons why…are as follows:

           …is the result of…

           …is caused by / due to/ because of

           because, since, now that, because of, as a result of, on account of, for this reason, owing to, due to, for, as

The effects: The result / effect/ consequence of…is..

          …will result in…

          Therefore, …

          As a result (of), …

          Thus, hence, consequently, so, accordingly, in view of






















Now write a short paragraph on “The Climate in the World is Growing Warmer”, which starts with a general statement (综述) that is followed by the cause and effects. Your paragraph should be in no less than 80 words .

Reference model :

For the last hundred years the climate has been growing much warmer. It may be caused by the excessive discharge of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Most of the carbon dioxide comes from the exhaust of factories and cars all over the world. As a result of the increasingly warmer climate, glaciers in both poles have been melting very rapidly since the beginning of the 20th century. The rising temperature also causes the snowline to retreat on mountains all over the world. And accordingly, the sea has been rising at a rapid increasing rate.

3. Post-reading

3. 1 Useful expressions

1) 随手仍在近旁 toss carelessly close at hand   (L.3)

2) 硬着心不做┅┅

to harden oneself against doing sth. (L.7) 

3) 说服,征得某人认可win over (L.20)

4)无可救药地患上烟瘾be hopelessly hooked by cigarettes  (L.21)

5) 嘴里叼着烟with a cigarette stuck in one’s mouth  (L.25)

6) 使┅┅虚弱不堪to leave sb. low  (L.32)

7) 家人团聚family reunion  (L.34)


to direct at / against (L. 39)

9) 连续不断地抽烟

to drag away  (L. 40)

10) 深感痛苦to feel a deep hurt (L. 47)

11) 袖手旁观;守护照料to sit by  (L. 56)


3. 2 Summary of the text


Summarize the passage using the tips below.

  1) A mother weep weeps because…

  2) the same brand of cigarettes that killed her grandfather.

  3) not look elegant or fashionable as the advertisements showed

  4) health was getting worse and worse

  5) eventually died from

  6) travel to Third World countries

  7) the money on cigarettes should be…

  8) a form of self-battering

  9) stop smoking at least at families




Suggested answer:

A mother weep because her daughter is smoking the same kind of cigarettes that killed her grandfather. Her father  picked up the habit of smoking very early. he did not look elegant or fashionable as the advertisements showed. His health was getting worse and worse, and eventually died from “the poor man’s friend”, pneumonia.  However, when the author travel to Third World countries, many people just smoke like her father and her daughter. In fact, the money on cigarettes should be spent for food. Smoking is a form of self-battering that also batters their relatives and the people around them, thus, to avoid more tragedies, everyone must stop smoking at least at families. 



3. 3 Assignment:

1) Finish all the exercises related to Section A of Unit 5.

2) Preview Section B, including reading skills, the passage and the related exercises.

3) Written work: Write a paragraph about “The Climate in the World is Growing Warmer”.

4) Oral Exercise: Paragraph recitation Paragraph 5 of Section A.





Unit 5  Section B

          Stop Spoiling :Your Children

1. Reading Skill

Understanding Figurative Language

To make language clearer, more interesting, and more striking, all of us use expressions which are not literally true. We make comparisons in speaking and writing. Figurative language—language that compares—paints a picture for the reader. Figurative language can be confusing if it is understood literally. The ability to recognize and interpret or explain figurative language may help us fully understand a writer’s point.

Look at the following examples taken from Reading Passage A:


1) For what, I sometimes wonder; so that she can struggle to breathe through most of her life feeling half her strength, and then die of self-poisoning, as her grandfather did? (Para. 7)

2) There is a quotation from a battered women’s shelter that I especially like: “Peace on earth begins at home.” (Para. 8)
    3) Smoking is a form of self-battering that also batters those who must sit by, occasionally joke or complain, and helplessly watch. (Para. 8)


Here in all three examples, smoking is compared to a form of self-poisoning and self-destroying, thus making the evil effects of smoking cigarettes more alarming.

There are many different ways of using figurative language. Listed here are just a few of them:

a) Similes (明喻, 直喻), figurative expressions which directly compare one thing to another by using the words as or like.

The tobacco industry, coupled with Hollywood movies in which both male and female heroes smoked like chimneys, ... (Para. 3, Reading Passage A, Unit 5).
     In this sentence, “...smoked like chimney” means “... smoked heavily and continuously”, but the comparison between the two makes the idea clearer and more imaginative.


b) Metaphors (暗喻), in which comparisons are only implied, without using as, like and the like.

The tobacco industry ... completely won over people like my father, who were hopelessly hooked by cigarettes. (Para. 3, Reading Passage A, Unit 5)
 In this sentence, the idea of people relying on smoking is expressed as that of people being hooked by cigarettes. “Hook” is commonly used in relation to fishing and just as fish are hooked and cannot get away so are cigarette smokers. This implied, parallel image makes the thought more striking and powerful. 


c) Personification (拟人), figurative expressions which compare non-human things to humans.


My father died from “the poor man’s friend,” pneumonia, one hard winter when his lung illnesses had left him low. (Para. 5, Reading Passage A, Unit 5)

Personification (拟人) .

 In this sentence, pneumonia, a disease often visited upon poor people, is compared to “the poor man’s friend” and we can feel the power of language easily.  

2. Text Reading

1) spoil (title)

The little girl is terribly spoiled; her parents give her everything she asks for. (v. 宠坏, 溺爱)


Don' t spoil your appetite by eating sweets before meals. (v.损坏,破坏)




injure 表示对外貌、健康造成伤害。


harm hurt 主要指那些带来痛苦、悲伤、损失或损害的.


spoil 是损坏和彻底摧毁价值、优点和力量,表示无可挽回的损坏.



John fell down from the tree and injured his back.  



The relationship between the two countries has been greatly harmed.


His behavior was very irresponsible ; he might have hurt somebody.

2) overnight (L.1)

Mother let us go to the party, but when it came to staying overnight, she put her foot down firmly.  (ad.一夜间;在晚上)

母亲允许我们去参加晚会, 但要说到过夜, 她可决不答应.


He lost all his money and was penniless overnight.

3) assign (L.2)

They’ve assigned their best man to the job.  (vt.分配, 指派)


Shall we assign Thursday for our weekly meetings?   


4) barely (L.4)

We exert huge effort in hiding aspects of ourselves that others would barely notice.  (ad. 几乎不能)



The hills were barely visible through the mist.


barely…when … hardly/scarcely…when..: …………

(注意:barely hardly/scarcely 放句首,主谓要倒装。)

I had barely entered the room when the telephone rang. ad.仅仅, 刚刚

Barely had I entered the room when the telephone rang.


5) tendency (L.5)

There has been a strong tendency for more women of working age to participate in the labor force.   (n. 趋势,倾向)


在美国, 冬季失业率有上升的趋势。

There is a tendency for job losses to rise in the winter in the States.


Because many electrical companies consider nuclear energy too expensive, the trend is toward less dangerous sources of energy.  Unit 9-B, Book I



tendency 多以单数形式出现,常后接代词to, towards或动词不定式,用于someone /something has a tendency to / towards / to do sth结构中表示人或物有做某事或容易受到某种影响的趋势,可译为“总爱、总好、生性喜欢”;

trend 常以复数形式出现,指时局或其他事物发展的“方向、趋势”,不表示人的主观倾向。

Milk has a tendency to go sour in hot weather.


Economic trends are running counter to the forecasts.



Society is always advancing, for to advance, to develop, is the general trends.



6) take …for granted (L.7)

He just takes it for granted that the home is clean. 认为真实,视为理所当然





Don’t take it for granted that opportunity will fall upon you, you should make your efforts to seize it.

7) somewhat (L.8)

Social customs vary somewhat across the country, but in general, people tend to be friendlier and more informal as you travel farther to the western part of the country.  (ad. to some degree, rather)



His acting impressed me as being somewhat artificial.

8) accommodation (L.13)

The two sides failed to agree on every point but came to an accommodation. (n.和解,调解)



If labor and management don’t reach an accommodation, there will be a strike.

We offer first-class hotel accommodations for you. ( n. (pl.)  住宿,食宿)



Can you provide accommodations for thirty people?

9) along with (L.15)

I'm sending you the book along with the material concerned. (一道)



Tobacco is taxed in most countries, along with alcohol.

The educators should pay special attention to the fact that __________(身心必须同时得到发展).the body must be developed along with the mind   

If the color TV set breaks down in three months, _______________(请把它连同发票一起带回商店).just bring it back to the store, together with your receipt.



But a series of new environmental laws, together with the creation of parks and nature preserves that cover one-quarter of the country, are aimed at protecting Costa Rica's remaining forests. Unit 2-A, Book II


The tobacco Industry, coupled with Hollywood movies in which both male and female heroes smoked like chimney, completely won over people like my father, who were hopelessly hooked by cigarettes. (Unit 5-A, Book II)


10) stand up to (L.20)

Why don’t you stand up to your boss when you know you are right. (勇敢面对)


Will the lorries stand up to the journey over rough roads?  (经得起)


11) variability (L.24)

This favorable overall result conceals some variability.   n.变化性,变化的倾向



biological variability   生物差异

genetic variability  遗传变异性

variable  a.

British weather is perhaps at its most variable in the spring.  a. 易变的,多变的)



Prices are variable according to the exchanges.


variability  n.变化性,变化的倾向

variable n. 变量

variation n. 变化,变异

variety  n. 品种; 多样化

Diferent varieties of plant canbe foud here. 这里有各种不同的植物。

She doesn’t like to wear the same clothes---- she likes varieties.

她不喜欢传统一种样式的衣服, 她喜欢多样化。

Temperature and rainfall are variable. 气温和降雨量是变量。

  The prices for food are subject to variation. 食品的价格可能变更。


12) sour (L.25) 

Relations between the two governments were soured by boundary fighting. v.使变坏,使恶化




This kind of action was bound to sour the peaceful atmosphere between the two countries.


13) conversely (L.35) 

Running can strengthen your heart and muscles, but conversely, it can also damage your knees and the bones in your feet. (ad. 相反地,另一面)



You can add the water to the power or conversely, the powder to the water.


14) submit (L.46)  相形词summit (unit2, 查语料库)

We protested about the changes for a long time, but in the end we had to submit. v. give way



I refuse to submit myself to his control



In Flagstaff, Arizona, a thousand miles of bike trails lead into the San Francisco Peaks, the highest summit in the state. Unit 2-B, Book II


15) bound (L.50) 


be bound to…

They have done so much work that they are bound to pass the exam. (a. 一定,必定)



The marriage on the basis of money is bound to break up.


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